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For more then 20 years we have owned, bred and shown our dogs to Conformation, Obedience and Agility Titles.  Our Standard Schnauzer achievements include Top Standard Schnauzer in Canada, Best In Show, top five in both Obedience and Agility.  Dinsdale dogs have completed Canine Good Neighbour certification, St John Therapy dog certification.  We are incredibly proud of the number of our owners that have taken their Dinsdale Schnauzers and titled them in the Show Ring and the dog sport venues of Agility, Rally O, Obedience and Tracking titles in Canada and the USA
Member of the
Canadian Kennel Club and the Standard Schnauzer Club of Canada

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Special Health Note--All the Standard Schnauzers in our breeding program have been DNA tested to be clear/normal of DCM (dilated cardiomyopathy) disease.  Dogs that we have provided to other breeders over the years are also clear of DCM disease either by DNA testing, or, clear by their parents being tested DNA normal/clear. We are grateful to have this test available as a tool to continue to breed healthy Standard Schnauzers into the future at Dinsdale. 

UPDATE ON OUR COMING PUPS!! Later Summer of 2015


Please note that due to a new regulation (August 2014) from the American Center for Disease Control regarding rabies vaccination of dogs AND pups entering the United States I can NO LONGER provide pups to homes in the Unites States of America.  You can find a copy of CDC regulations regarding the importation of dogs here


In a nutshell, a puppy cannot be imported from Canada to the USA until 4 months of age. I believe this is not the optimum age for a puppy to join its new family if at all possible, our pups typically leave us at 8 weeks of age.

I encourage you to contact the Center for Disease Control and and express your opinion of this ruling!